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Dog loving,
adventure seeking,
Chipotle obsessed.

My friends call me Madi. I consider you one of them, so let's skip the formality and really get to know one another. I'm a free-spirited, travel-crazy, animal-adoring, spider-fearing, obsessive-compulsive, health nut based in Central PA.
I'd say that my style is whimsical and creatively charged; I love pushing the envelope. I enjoy traditional portraiture too, and always include a good mix of the formal with the funky. My fun-loving, ready for anything clients make this the best job on the planet.
What's most important to me is establishing lasting relationships with the families I photograph. It's the memories we accumulate not the material items that mean the most. Let me work with you to capture your milestone moments. The pictures we create will be here to tell your story for generations.

Hello, I'm Madison...

My husband and I drove cross county with our dogs from PA to CA to get married in the redwoods with a few of our closest friends and family.

I'm married to my best friend.


There are more dogs than people in our household... and we wouldn't have it any other way! Langford, Timber, & Zoey (L-R)

Dogs make my world go'round!

Traveling awakens my soul, and experiencing new places with the ones you love most is something to cherish. 

I love to explore.

Photo sessions begin at $300, and include 1-2 hours of shoot time, multiple locations and outfits if you choose. Private online gallery with the option to download all digital images and order heirloom quality prints/products via my professional photo lab.

Have questions or interested in collaborating?
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1-2 Hour Photo Session
Multiple Locations and Outfit Options
Private Protected Online Gallery
Endless Professional Photo Products to Order
All Digital Downloads Included

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   Madison M Machamer

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Portrait Photographer

Central Pennsylvania